Top Conversion Rate Optimization Tactics [CHART]

Top Conversion Rate Optimization Tactics [CHART]

Getting started with conversion rate optimization (CRO)? A/B testing should probably be the first port of call, according to a survey of 177 marketing influencers by Ascend2 and its Research Partners. Not only did these respondents point to A/B testing as the most effective CRO tactic, but also as the easiest to execute.

A similar study carried out last year among predominantly European company marketers – by Econsultancy and RedEye – likewise found that A/B testing was the second-most valuable CRO method (behind customer journey analysis) and the second-easiest to execute.

Following A/B testing in the Ascend2 survey is content personalization, considered effective by roughly half (51%) of the respondents. But content personalization is perceived to be far more difficult than A/B testing, with almost three times as many respondents (57% vs. 20%) indicating it to be among their most difficult tactics. Personalization – a hot topic – also emerged as the most difficult tactic to execute in the aforementioned Econsultancy and RedEye research, though in this case the research asked about website personalization. Read the rest at

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