US eReader Users By Generation, 2014-2020 [TABLE]

US eReader Users By Generation, 2014-2020 [TABLE]

As the tablet category has grown, so too has the competition. iPads, the product that jumpstarted the category, continues to see its share of tablet users decrease. This year, 47.8% of US tablet users will use an iPad, a drop from 49.2% last year.

Overall tablet usage skews younger, while ereader usage trends older. This year, the heaviest users of tablets will be Generation X internet users (67.0% of whom will use a tablet), and they will continue to be the most-penetrated group through 2019.

Meanwhile, the age of users is shifting for ereaders. This year, baby boomers will be the most likely ereader users, with 44.0% of internet users in that generation using the devices. But the number of baby boomers using ereaders is shrinking, and next year, a higher proportion of Gen X internet users will use one. Read the rest at eMarketer.

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