Instagram Hyperlapse

Hyperlapse Timelapse Video App

Last year, Instagram released the Hyperlapse iOS app to make timelapse video creation from your smart phone a snap.

What used to take no small amount of video editing expertise and/or a time-lapse mode for your video camera is now as simple as point and shoot:

  1. Fire up the app,
  2. Point the camera,
  3. Tap the red record button,
  4. Record,
  5. Tap the red button again to stop recording,
  6. Choose between 1x and 12x speed,
  7. Preview,
  8. Tap the green check mark to save to your camera roll,
  9. And Share on Instagram,
  10. Or Facebook.

There is no sound, for obvious reasons, so you’ll need to add your own after the fact, which is probably a good idea, if your video is more than thirty seconds long.

Here’s TechCrunch’s take on Instagram’s Hyperlapse app:

And The Verge covers how Hyperlapse stabilizes bumpy, hand-held phone camera footage:

6 Minneapolis Hyperlapse Videos

And here are six Hyperlapse videos I’ve taken in various areas of Minneapolis.

1. Time-lapse Video of Fleetwood Mac Concert At Target Center

2. Time-lapse Video Of Minneapolis Skyways

I took this Hyperlapse of the Minneapolis Skyways to use as content when I reviewed Facebook Notes:

3. Time-lapse Video Of Minneapolis Farmers Market

The Minneapolis Farmers Market is held downtown on Thursdays every Summer on Nicollet Mall (except when Nicollet Mall is under construction, as it has been this year).

4. Time-lapse Video Of Marquette Avenue

A Hyperlapse video of the traffic on Marquette Avenue (just outside our building) and 4th Street:

5. Time-lapse Video: A Fall Drive From Minneapolis To St. Paul

No, I did not record this Hyperlapse and drive at the same time. A passenger held the camera.

6. Time-Lapse Video: A Fall Drive From St. Paul To Minneapolis

And here’s the opposite way, from St. Paul to Minneapolis, with a pastel filter to pretty things up:

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