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Humin App Review

Humin is a mobile app (iOS and Android) for your contacts that reflects the way people actually use their contact lists.

The Humin app taps into your social networks by making connections between phone numbers and email addresses, the two piece of identifying information that most social networks ask for. By matching those two pieces of information, Humin taps the social graph to tell you mutual acquaintances for a particular contact.

Humin also lets you search your address book for people who live in a particular city or people with whom you’ve recently communicated. It will give you notifications when your contacts are in the same town…or even meeting.

Humin syncs with your calendar and with your phone and Facebook and Gmail contacts, though I noticed that when I tried to sync an email address with a custom domain, it wouldn’t accept the account presumably because it didn’t use the domain.

Even so, Humin is as welcome evolution of the contact list.

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