LinkedIn Post Analytics

If you publish content on LinkedIn’s publishing platform, you now have some additional insight into how your content is performing. Earlier this month, LinkedIn started rolling out richer content analytics than the basic vanity metrics of Views, Likes and Comments they’d provided up until now.

Go to to see if LinkedIn Post Analytics has rolled out to you (you can also check by choosing Profile from your top menu and Who’s viewed your profile from the drop-down menu.

Who’s Viewed Your LinkedIn Posts

If you have it, you’ll see that a new Who’s viewed your posts tab has been added to your profile analytics. Here’s mine:

Screenshot: LinkedIn Post Analytics Who's Viewed Your Posts

When you click on your Who’s viewed your posts tab, the post analytics will default to your most recent post and show view analytics for the past week.

You can change the time period covered from the drop-down menu for up to a year. Use the arrow slider on the right-hand side to find and select individual posts.

Across the top of each post analytics page, you’ll find cumulative metrics for Views, Likes, Comments and Shares.

Screenshot: LinkedIn Post Analytics - Who's Viewed Your Posts Details

LinkedIn Post Demographics

Scroll down on your post analytics page and you’ll find a breakdown of the individual post’s readers by Industry, Job Title, Geography and Traffic Source.

Below that, you will see the individual people who have Liked, Commented on or Shared that post.

Screenshot: LinkedIn Post Analytics - Who's Viewed Your Posts - Demographics & Engagement

Unfortunately, when new tools roll out one of the glaring omissions is often analytics. It took seemingly forever for Twitter to get serious about analytics and to this date, Instagram has yet to seriously address measurement, so it is nice to seek LinkedIn offer more than simple vanity metrics.

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