US Pinterest Users & Penetration, 2013-2019 [TABLE]

US Pinterest Users & Penetration, 2013-2019 [TABLE]

According to new estimates from eMarketer, the social network’s US user base will reach 47.1 million in 2015, up 11.4% year over year. Though smaller than Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, Pinterest has an attribute other social platforms don’t: users who willingly share their product preferences, plans and aspirations.

“[Pinterest’s] growth may be more limited than other services, simply because what you do on Pinterest—find and pin things that you like—isn’t necessarily something that large numbers of people may want to do,” wrote Debra Aho Williamson, principal social media analyst at eMarketer and author of the report. “[But] in a year when marketers are starting to worry about ‘dark social’ platforms where most conversations are private, there’s a polar opposite—Pinterest.”

More than one-quarter of US social network users and 18.1% of internet users will use Pinterest on a monthly basis this year, eMarketer projects. By 2019, the network’s monthly user base will be 59.3 million—nearly 30% of US social network users. Read the rest at eMarketer.

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