Beyond Social Media Podcast: Mizuno Filibuster Shoes, Clorox Thinks Dad's Are Dolts & Google Glass' Earned Media Strategy [VIDEO]

During the fourth Google Hangout episode of Beyond Social Media, Albert Maruggi, B.L. Ochman and I discuss Mizuno’s late response to the online buzz created when Texas state Senator Wendy Davis wore their shoes during her marathon abortion bill filibuster; we chat about blogger relations and mistargeted press releases; we examine Clorox’s deleted blog post that denigrated dads; we break examine Google’s earned media strategy for the Google Glass rollout and celebrate Google+’s Terrible Twos; Paypal’s galactic ambitions; we note Missing Children Society of Canada’s Amber Alerts for social media and Egypt’s inextricable ties to Twitter; along with some Shiny New Stuff and Daily Numbers.

Found at YouTube from Beyond Social Media Show.

Show Links

When Things Go Wrong

When It’s Done Right

Shiny New Things

  • Digg Reader & App – Good alternative to Google Reader.
  • – Builds a video playlist of bands/musicians playing near you.
  • Zite – a wonderful way to aggregate content from major content producers.
  • Pulse – Visual news, blog, magazine, RSS and social reader.

The Daily Numbers

Show Playlist

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