Likely Voters' TV Viewing Habits [CHART]

Chart - Likely Voters' TV Viewing Habits

70% of likely voters claimed in June to have watched live TV in the previous week, per results of a survey by SAY Media, conducted in partnership with Targeted Victory, Public Opinion Strategies, Chong & Koster and SEA Polling. That figure is up from 29% in May 2011, when likely voters were asked the same question.

Data from “Off The Grid 2012″ reveals that TV viewing among likely voters is up across all platforms in that period save for one – DVDs. Live TV led strongly in June, with 70% of likely voters reporting having watched live TV the previous week (up 2% points from 2011). Trailing in popularity as viewing platforms were: DVD (48%, down 3% points); internet with a laptop or PC (44%, up 4% points); timeshifted on TiVo or DVR (44%, up 4% points); smart phone (16%, up 2% points); and streamed through a TV (17%, up 4% points). Read the rest at MarketingCharts.

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