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Product Video Conversions



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Videos appear in 70% of the top 100 search results listings.

THOUGHT: Presumably, that’s for any given search.

Regardless of the specific percentage, I think it’s certainly true that we’re seeing more and more video content in search results generally and it would conform to the general trend of people watching more video online.

One of the greatest bangs for the buck you can get is optimizing YouTube videos for search traffic. They tend to rank highly because, not surprisingly, Google considers YouTube a site with great authority for its search algorithm.

But, done right, video itself might be the most persuasive medium.

I have been saying for quite a while, for example, that retailers should include videos of their products directly on their product pages. 

My gut told me that they would help drive sales.

We’re beginning to get some examples of how product video does just that.

Housewares website told Internet Retailer that visitors were 144% more likely to purchase after seeing a product video than those who did not.

Zappos uses video too.

I’m in the market for some football turf shoes, so I checked out the Nike Air Speed Nubby shoes. In addition to the product specs that every retail site in the world includes on their product pages, and the handful of product photos from various angles, you have the option of playing a product video, in which the features of the product are explained.

I learned a lot more about the shoe, such as its ability to wick moisture, in a highly efficient and very compelling way. 


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