Text Messaging: The Dull, Old Object?



43% of companies are interested in mobile apps as part of their mobile strategy during the next year.
41% are interested in mobile barcodes.
40% are interested in mobile banner ads.
35% are interested in the mobile web.
And 34% are interested in SMS messages.

THOUGHT: It’s easy to overlook traditional technologies in favor of the shiny new object.

Right now the objet du d├ęsir are mobile apps and QR codes.

And as shiny new objects often go, there’s a lot of using them for the sake of using them out there. As a result, a lot of mistakes are being made in execution and far too many QR code campaigns or apps are being launched without a great deal of thought put into who they want to reach and what they want to accomplish.

While there’s no question people are gravitating more and more of their online activities toward mobile devices, especially tablets, let’s not lose sight of the things that work–and have worked for a long time–for specific situations.

In all the sturm und drang of getting your message social, it’s amazing how often tried and true email marketing tactics are overlooked. The same dynamic can be applied to mobile.

So as we talk mobile apps, let’s not forget the utility of the humble text message. Until mobile apps turn on instantly and become pretty effortless to use, text-to-give is still my preferred method for mobile giving, for example.

KEYWORD WEDNESDAY: Our long national nightmare is over: Rod Blagojevich has finally been sentenced to prison. And for that honor, he accounts for two of the top five searches at Google today.

Thank you for Xbox Live.

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