Amazon Fire & The Self-Publishing Revolution


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65% of planned tablet buyers indicate they will buy an iPad.
22% will buy a Kindle Fire.

THOUGHT: The Kindle Fire is the first serious competition the iPad has seen, due in no small part to its $200 price point.

I’ve discussed several times before why I think the Fire will be successful, so I won’t go into that but just assume that it will be a viable consumer device.

While Amazon sells a huge variety of products and has diversified into content in the form of audio and video, lately to support it’s Fire tablet, it is still positioned in most people’s minds as the online bookstore. The fact that every edition of the Kindle prior to the release of the Fire was an eBook reader only reinforces that perception.

That’s not to say this perception isn’t changing but still, when most people hear the word Amazon, they think books.

As the world’s largest bookseller, they’ve also been the primary force behind the rapid adoption of eBooks. But there is another trend they’re helping to propel: The rise of self-publishing with their Kindle Direct Publishing program.

Self-published titles have nearly tripled to 133,036 in 2010 from 51,237 in 2006, according to R.R. Bowker LLC.

Here’s the thing: If the Kindle Fire takes off, Amazon is poised to become a center of online gravity not just for products but for content as well.

If we believe that content is the lingua franca of modern marketing (and we do), then self-publishing is the easiest way to get your content before Amazon customers.

It’s time to look around and see what content you have that can be turned into an eBook.

Product manuals are an obvious option. Companies in the food industry will want to think about compiling recipe books. Video game publishers should look to publish game guides and walkthroughs. Many B2B companies are already publishing white papers as eBooks.

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