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44% of last-minute shopping search this holiday will be executed on smart phones and tablets.

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THOUGHT: These mobile stats tend to annoy me because they don’t break down the numbers by device type individually.

While smart phones and tablets are certainly both mobile devices, they are entirely different experiences and communicators need to treat them as such.

I imagine more of the brand searches for products would be conducted on tablets, since the online shopping experience is better for that on a tablet than it is on a phone. And if those searches are being conducted on a tablet, they are likely being conducted at home in preparation for a trip to the store.

Searches for store locations, on the other hand, could be either on a tablet as people are planning to go out shopping or on their phone for driving directions, as many people use the GPS on their phone to guide their driving.

Given the trends in mobile use, it’s time to get a handle on how your customers are using mobile if you haven’t already. Do an email survey of  your clients and ask them what mobile technologies they use. Check out your website analytics to see what percentage of the traffic is mobile, what mobile devices your visitors are using, and where they’re going on your site.

Visit your own site on a smart phone and a tablet to understand the customer experience. Is the site mobile-friendly? Can you easily see all the content? Can you see any content at all? Is the information your mobile customers want easy to find?

Google thinks mobile optimization is so important that they’ve announced that mobile advertisers’ ads will get greater visibility for their ads if they lead to mobile-optimized landing pages.


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