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18,000 search queries are performed at Twitter every second.

That’s about 1.6 billion searches per day.

THOUGHT: We don’t think of Twitter as a search engine but clearly, it’s being used that way. Often.

There are only two possible things people search for at Twitter: People or tweets.

In order to be found in those searches, therefore, you need to be deliberate about optimizing your Twitter content and your profile for the keywords people will likely be using.

For your profile, include keywords about yourself or your company in your bio. If your a local business, be sure to set the location on your profile. Keywords in the username are very important but don’t go changing if you’ve already created an account. Once you’ve started using a username, it’s usually best to stick with it.

If you’re sharing a link in your tweet, the content you’re pointing to will dictate the keywords you’ll use. Links that get retweeted a lot will give the page that’s linked to a boost in visibility in general search engines like Google, so think about social tactics in your overall search engine optimization plans.

If you’re tweeting about a news story, think about what keywords people who want to find out about what people are saying about that story will likely use in their searches.

Pay attention to trending topics and hashtags.

But always keep in mind that ultimately, you’re tweeting for people, not search engines.

Write for people but be friendly to the engines.

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