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38% of consumers planned to spend less this year on back to school shopping.
40% planned to spend the same as last year.
Only 22% planned to spend more.

THOUGHT: Almost all Back To School-related searches spike in August, not surprisingly. Back To School related searches run seasonally like clockwork: Volume begins to pick up in June, moreso in July, and peaks in August.  

The exception to this rule are searches related to deals or sales or promotions or specials. These searches generally begin in April and peak in June, so that, obviously, is the time to get visibility for your Back To School promotions.

When you break it down by the products parents will be buying for their kids–two of the top products are shoes (45%) and school bags (30%), they tend to follow the same general pattern as overall Back To School searches, beginning to pick up in June and peaking in August.  

Where it gets interesting, is when you break searches down by demographics. 

According to Yahoo! Clues, a significant percentage of the people searching Back To School are students themselves: 22% are below the age of 24; 30% are 25 to 34 years old and 26% are 35 to 44 years old. The trick is teasing out who among that 25-34 year bracket are grad students and who are young parents. 

The gender breakdown, meanwhile, is heavily female (68% to 32% male). 

Knowing who is conducting the searches and when they’re doing their research is a pretty important part of optimizing your content to best appeal to your target audiences. 


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