Social Media's Fundraising Multiplier Effect

Social Networking Illustration

The Social Effects Of Networks

James Fowler

Every dollar you give publicly the first time gets tripled in the network.

THOUGHT: During a fascinating iGNITe presentation entitled Do Your Friends Make You Fat?, James Fowler explains that he’s done “experiments in the laboratory to see how generosity spreads. And if you give an extra dollar to somebody and someone sees that, you’ll give more, the person who sees you will give more, and the person who sees them will give more.”

Clearly, transparent altruism has its benefits for fundraisers. If you’re a nonprofit dependent upon raising money from supporters or if you are an organization that partners with a nonprofit on a fundraising drive, looking at how you can expose the donation process to social networks could pay huge dividends. 


MINNESOTA MONDAY:  “Tim Pawlenty” was the seventeenth most popular search at Google on Sunday as people reacted to news that he was ceasing his presidential bid in the wake of his third-place finish in the Iowa staw poll. If search volume is an indicator of eventual victory, anyone could tell that Pawlenty never had a chance. [CHART.] 


Thank you for Ralph Ellison.



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