Hotel Marketing: Snore-Free Zones

Hotel Marketing: Snore-Free Zones


The National Sleep Foundation

37% of American adults report they had snored at least a few nights a week during the previous year.

27% said they snore every night or almost every night.

Men were more likely than women to snore at least a few nights a week (42% vs. 31%).

THOUGHT: When Crowne Plaza hotels are hiring “snore patrols” and investing in snore-proof rooms, you know something’s up.  All you really need to do is search Twitter and Facebook status updates to find frustrated micromessages such as this one: “”it’s 3:20am. Thunder w/o lightning? Oops… Hubby snoring!”

This is taking customer service and experiential marketing to a whole ‘nother level.

And a smart one, at that.

The less sleep you get, the more likely you are to be cranky. Ornery people tend to complain and they’re more likely to get annoyed at the smaller inconveniences travelers tend to encounter but usually brush off.

And we know how people complain in a world of mobile access.

So what’s an investment in soundproofing in order to keep things quiet and calm?


THROWBACK THURSDAY: You used to have to call someone to call someone. Those people were called Telephone Operators.


Thank you for a good night’s rest!



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