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88% of searchers are likely to click on a link in search results if it includes the exact phrase they searched for.

53% are likely to click if the link has an image attached to it.

48% are likely to click if a brand shows up multiple times within a set of search results.

26% are likely to click if the link goes to a video.

THOUGHT: This is why we do keyword research: To find out exactly what people are searching for and, whenever possible, to match that search phrase through the entire process, from the search engine results page to the landing page content.

Too few people put themselves in the head of the searcher and see the process from their point of view. They type in their search phrase and, knowing what they just typed, scan the results for just that phrase. If they see it, they’ll click on it and then scan the landing page for that phrase as well.

If they see the phrase repeated on the landing page, they’ve just been offered reassurance that the content on that landing page is relevant if not exactly what they were looking for. They’ll explore your site further rather than going back to the search engine and trying again.

When you optimize for exact phrases, those links show up in bold in the search results, further highlighting and calling attention to your link.

When we talk to clients about search optimization, we don’t discuss just their website. We talk about optimizing all content for search; that includes web pages, blog posts, images, videos, presentations, business listings, status updates and tweets….everything.

That’s because, as the status above demonstrate, they often call attention to search results and they give you many more opportunities to draw in a lead.

SUPER COOL TOOL TUESDAY: Kurrently is a quick and dirty real-time search engine for Twitter and Facebook.


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