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Tony The Tiger: A Talking Brand

Tony The Tiger: A Talking Brand


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28% of online consumers say social network communication by brands should be conducted once a month or less.

26% say once a week or less.

Only 3% say more than once a day.

7% say daily.

THOUGHT: That low rumbling sound you hear is the herd of marketers stampeding to their Hootsuite accounts to ratchet down the frequency of their brand Tweets and Facebook posts.

You gotta be careful when coming across stats like these because they’re rarely directly applicable to a specific situation.

Yes, posed with a hypothetical situation involving a generic brand posting unspecified content, most people will favor receiving fewer communications from such a company rather than more.

But a generic brand posting unspecified content doesn’t apply to you, does it?

Once you get a handle on the type of content you’re audience finds valuable and compelling, you’ll be able to get a sense of the optimal frequency of communicating with that audience.

But you’re really only going to arrive at that conclusion through trial and error, experimentation and evaluation, listening and asking.

Star slow and build up but have at it. And fer gawdsakes, don’t let some set of hypothetical statistics be your guide.


SUPER COOL TOOL TUESDAY: Sparked is a microvolunteering network that connects volunteers with nonprofits that need design, branding, and copywriting help.


RANDOM REASON TUNHEIM ROCKS: For the Minnesota subscribers of The Daily Numbers: My colleague Darin Broton will be on Fox 9 News tonight to discuss former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty‘s and Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann‘s performances during last night’s GOP Presidential debate on CNN.

I have the pleasure of working with super smart people like Darin and, of course, Blois Olson who, among other things, publishes the must-read for Minnesota political junkies, The Morning Take.


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