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35% of global mobile workers check their email first thing in the morning before they do anything else.

17% check their email after getting dressed.

13.5% check it after having morning tea or coffee.

10% check it after breakfast.

8% check it when they start their commute.

THOUGHT: I guess that’s the dirty little secret everyone already knows: Work starts before work these days.

These data emphasize two things: 2) Email is still an essential communications tool and people strive to maintain control over their inboxes.

If email is intimately tied to mobile workers’ morning routines, it’s a medium to which they pay close attention. And if their attention is so tightly focused on their inboxes, email can be a highly effective venue through which to communicate.

Think for a moment about the type of emails you pay attention to on your mobile device in the morning. My bet is it is all very much work-related: Emails from clients, colleagues and partners and industry newsletters. I’m guessing you don’t much pay attention to retailers catalogs or daily deal emails, especially if you’re logging into your corporate email account.

So if you want to capture mobile workers’ attention early in the day, you’ll need to think through what their morning routine is like, what emails they’re already reading, and then think about what content they would welcome at that time of the day.

KEYWORD WEDNESDAY: More men (53%) than women (47%) search for “Hotmail” but more women (57%) search for “Yahoo Mail” than men (43%), according to Yahoo! Clues. Men (49%) and women (51%) search for “Gmail” roughly equally.


Thank you for paintball. A massively fun time. (It’d be even funner if you could call in airstrikes!)


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