Social Validation

Social Validation: Women at a Computer in a Coffee Shop

Social Validation: Women at a Computer in a Coffee Shop



90% of people seek advice from family and friends as part of the decision making process.

80% of people will delay making a decision until they can get a friend’s stamp of approval.

THOUGHT: This has probably always been so but has been hidden from marketers.

But now with Like buttons and retweets and comments and checkins, this social validation has been blown wide open for the world to see.

Today, for example, Team Tunheim took a field trip to downtown Saint Paul for lunch to check out the food truck court that will be assembling every Wednesday to take advantage of the lunch crowd.

I learned about the food truck court through Twitter and thought it was interesting but I probably wouldn’tve actually gone absent some social validation of my own.

One of participating restaurants, 128 Cafe, has been on my list of places to try out but even so, I had made no plans to make the trek until I saw that several co-workers were planning on going.

Voila! That was all the social validation I needed.

Food Trucks from David Erickson.

KEYWORD WEDNESDAY: Searches for “Food Trucks” were virtually non-existent until July of last year, when the concept exploded into the country’s consciousness with the national media coverage of the tactic as a phenomenon.


Thank you for grilled trout from Cafe 128.


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