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34% of American households are home to kids under 18.

The moms of these kids are 19% more likely than the general population to engage in social networking.

And 31% more likely to become a fan or follow a brand.

27% more likely to comment on others postings.

They are 24% more likely to become a fan or follow a celebrity.

They account for 25% of all video streams on social networks.

Are 37% more likely to upload their own photos.

They are 37% more likely to send/receive online invites.

Are 33% more likely to update their status.

Are 25% more likely to post links/articles/videos.

They are 17% more likely to use instant messaging.

And are 14% more likely to make/receive voice calls online.

THOUGHT: And you wonder why moms are so sought-after by marketers? They are Super Duper Onliners.

But why is that? Because online tools make it far easier for them to manage their hectic lives.

They can more easily share photos, video and news about their immediate family with their own parents and siblings and friends. They can more easily find with like-minded issues (parents of kids with food allergies, for instance) to share and learn from one another’s experiences. They can more easily learn about the products they need and find how-to videos about the things they need to learn. They can more easily organize with other parents for play dates or school functions or extracurricular activities.

The telling stat for me is that 14% are more likely to use Internet telephony. The single biggest practical benefit of Skype or Google Voice is to be able to talk on the telephone, hands-free, as you simultaneously use your computer. That says to me they’re using it for organizing.


A natural outgrowth of a mom’s online behavior is the growth of their own social network. In order to make their lives easier, they must connect with people in their lives, online.

These deep social networks are what make them so attractive marketers.

But while their word of mouth can be a powerful force for brand awareness, it can do so in a negative fashion as well, as the Motrin Moms example illustrated.

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