Internet TV (IPTV) Growth

Netflix TV

Netflix TV


Leichtman Research Group

30% of US households have an Internet-connected TV.

That’s up from 24% a year ago.

The percentage of adults watching video on an Internet-connected TV doubled over the same period, to 10%.

Among Netflix subscribers, that number is 30%.

Netflix’s Watch Instantly service now reaches 12% of adults weekly.

That is triple last year’s figure.

75% of that group uses it to watch streaming TV shows and movies on their TV.

THOUGHT: The battle for your living room has been joined. Netflix pioneered streaming from the Internet to your living room. Apple has Apple TV but more importantly, the iPad. HBO now has a watch-anywhere app. And Micosoft’s Xbox and Verizon’s FIOS are looking to be the cable alternative.

It’s clear consumers want their video content but they want it from the sources they choose on their timetable and their preferred device.

Much more fragmentation of the video market lies ahead so the question is, what are brands doing now to ensure consumers know where and how to find their channel?


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