Daily Deals Online Behavior

Daily Deals Online Behavior

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US adult Internet users subscribe to an average of almost three daily or weekly shopping emails or newsletters.

60% read these emails at least once a day.

56% of Internet users subscribe to at least two of the emails.

Among those who subscribe to at least two, 61% said they read all of the messages.

Less than a quarter passed messages along every day.

45% did so at least weekly.

THOUGHT: There’s no doubt that Daily Deals emails are wildly popular.  But what’s driving it?

It’s certainly the economy, stupid. But it’s not just that. People are certainly looking to save wherever they can but these group buying sites routinely offer 50% off and better for their deals. Few people can pass on that kind of value and it will often prompt people to buy things they would never have considered in the first place.

It lowers the barrier to entry for first timers for things like skydiving.

There’s also an emotional satisfaction derived from getting a remarkable deal; that’s certainly a driver behind these sites’ popularity as well.  People look forward to them as a result.

Finally, everyone likes to be the bearer of good news so even when a particular deal may not appeal to you personally, you’ll happily pass it along to the person you know who will take advantage of it. You’ve done them a solid.

The consumer psychology behind these things is fascinating.

Businesses, however, should look at these sites with a cold, dispassionate eye to determine whether or not it makes good business sense for them.

AT 10 PM TONIGHT I’ll be on WCCO TV news talking Daily Deals in a piece produced by the talented Gregg Litman.

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