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2010 Web Video Marketing Council

73% of marketers agree that integrating video into email marketing increases the click-through rate of those emails.

More than half of consumers report taking action as a result of a video.

THOUGHT: One of the most prominent examples of integrating video into email was President Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, which I wrote about at the time.

The emails themselves served a single purpose–to raise money, to volunteer, to get out the vote, etc.–and used video to prompt action. Because video is both easy to consume and emotionally compelling, this can be a highly effective tactic, done right.

Think about how you can integrate video into your email campaigns but be singular in your focus. It need not have fancy production value, but whatever the content, it mus be compelling.

Remember to close the loop: From email, to video, to prompting an action.

KEYWORD WEDNESDAY: Government Shutdown is the 7th most popular search at Google right now. Minnesota Tea Party congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s PAC is running advertisements targeting the search phrase and encouraging people to sign a petition in support of the Republican Party’s federal budget cuts.

PUNCH PIZZA STORIES: Client Punch Pizza released a YouTube video today asking customers to share their Punch stories on YouTube. The video also contains an amazing piece of citizen branding by a customer who prompted the idea by recording their own Punch story entirely on their iPhone. Punch Pizza Wants Your Stories.

Thank you for Tunheim lunches.

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