Live Video Streaming Demographics



The average live streamed video view is 7% longer than the average online video view.

Live video sites are 72% more likely to deliver the 18-34 year old male demographic, than the average online video site.

They comprise almost 30% of the total live video viewing audience.

THOUGHT: One of the first things I noticed after firing up the computer this morning was the thin banner across the top of YouTube that the site has begun to use as a promotional space. This morning, of course, YouTube was promoting live streaming coverage of the horrifying tsunami in Japan.

The link took you to Al Jazeera’s YouTube channel this morning but now it takes you toCitizen Tube, YouTube’s curated citizen journalism channel.

It struck me as I watched Al Jazeera’s excellent coverage that the news organization is the new CNN. CNN, of course, was a technological pioneer back in the day with their coverage of Gulf War I. I remember coming home from work and watching the war live on CNN. How the mighty fall, huh?

I am more likely to go to YouTube for breaking international news these days than I am any other source. That’s because they’ve educated me that I can expect live streaming video coverage there.

I think that behavior will become more widespread.

Lastly, YouTube has demonstrated that they’re technologically capable of hosting live streaming video. With the infrastructure in place, it’s only a matter of time when they flip the switch and give us all live streaming video capability.

Look out Qik and UStream.


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