Mobile Frustration



44% of men said the small size of mobile screens discouraged them from using the Internet.

38% of women agreed.

36% of men said mobile access was too slow.

29% of women agreed.

Mobile users under 45 were significantly more likely to complain about speed.

Half of 18 to 24 year olds were annoyed that some website designs did not work at all on their phones.

THOUGHT: The reason Google uses download speed as a factor in ranking pages in their search results is not primarily to improve the experience of the desktop user; it’s to improve the mobile experience. Think about it. When you use your mobile device, you are by defnition on the go.

When you’re ambulatory, you don’t have much patience to wait for a page to download. You need to check out reviews to decide which restaurant you want to eat at after the movie. And you might need to decided which movie you both can agree to, then showtimes and directions.

You don’t need to plan ahead because you’ve got the tools to plan on the go. In that setting though, people have far less patience than if they’re sitting at desk where they can accomplish other things as they wait for pages to load.

A common complaint I hear from the guys I know who have big hands is their difficulty navigating small screens. While everyone these days is thinking mobile content, it seems, not nearly as many think about mobile design.


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