DVR Dayparting

Image courtesy TLFagan on Flickr

DVR Dayparting:

Source: Nielsen

49% of time-shifted primetime broadcast programming is played back the same day it was recorded.

88% is played back within three days.

Programs that are broadcast at 8 PM are more likely to be played back later the same day (57%).

Those that air at 9 PM and 10 PM are less likely to be played back the same day (45% and 33%, respectively) and more likely to be played back later in the week.

THOUGHT: Logically, the later it gets in the evening, the more likely recorded content will be viewed on another day. If you’re currently producing content that is being recorded on DVRs, then knowing the likely playback of that content can form the basis for a reminder strategy. For shows that people follow on a regular basis, consumers will be thinking of when they will have time to watch it.

The further removed in time they are to the original broadcast date, the less likely they will think of watching that content. People will also be prompted to think about their time-shifted content when they’re seated on the couch in front of the TV. Reminder strategies should keep in mind the technologies in that environment, especially mobile phones and tablets.



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