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Izzy’s Ice Cream’s Brilliant Customer Service Solution

Lara Hammel & Jeff Sommers, Owners of Izzy's Ice Cream
Lara Hammel & Jeff Sommers, Owners of Izzy’s Ice Cream

I’ve been wanting to talk about this for a long time; more than a year.

You might remember back in March when Jeff Sommers, owner of Izzy’s Ice Cream and a client, at the Social Media Breakfast MSP on retail, mentioned but did not discuss in any detail a new project he was working on. He tantalized the crowd but left little for them to chew on.

The project Jeff wanted to talk about but couldn’t at the time involved a marriage of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology and social media to solve a vexing customer service issue.

Jeff’s problem since opening his shop was that his customers could never know with certainty if their favorite flavor would be available when they actually arrived at the shop. It was a built in problem that created disappointment for many of his customers.

Jeff’s idea was to use RFID technology to automatically update his inventory of available flavors and publish those flavors to the web, social media, and give his customers the option of subscribing to their favorite flavors so they’d always know when they were available.

So cool! I have been champing at the bit to be able to talk about this since Jeff first told me his idea but let’s let Jeff explain it in his own words.

This is a screenshot of how the service works online:

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