I listened to the following podcast this weekend and, while well worth the listen for the information contained therein, I was so distracted by the language the woman in the podcast was using that I found it hard to pay attention to what she was actually saying.

Resonating, Leveraging, Elevating, Interactive Listening (what does that mean??), Lean Forward: The woman sounded like a CorpSpeak generator.

I don’t mean to pick on this woman in particular but the podcast illustrates something that drives me nuts: CorpSpeak, the effortless use of catchphrases that mean nothing to ordinary people.

Every industry has its jargon and it’s easy to fall into their use without thinking about how you sound and about whether or not you’re being understood. I have done so myself but I try to be on guard against it because if you’re not speaking with someone within your own industry, you make it difficult for people to understand you.

Anyway, take a listen. Here’s the podcast and the description from iMedia Connection:

Using ConAgra’s Ro-Tel Tomatoes campaign as an example, Denise Zimmerman and David Larkins of NetPlus Marketing share tips and strategies on how to ensure online branding supports overall marketing and business goals. With that big picture set-up, Red Robin’s Jennifer Rivas then provides the laser focus on how social media in particular can be useful to a brand. Relying on listening tools, Red Robin better understands its customers and can reach them more effectively.

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