Get To Know Minnesota Bloggers

Minnesota is lousy with bloggers. You can’t toss a pebble without hitting one and that’s a good thing. It says something fine about our state that have such a vibrant blogosphere. But as in many things, we Minnesotans don’t do a very good job of promoting ourselves.

I plan to try and rectify that by conducting a series of video interviews with Minnesota bloggers. In ten minutes or so, I will ask them to tell their “blogger stories.” Why did they start blogging? What do they blog about? I’m sure this will evolve as I go on but the underlying point is to help others get to know a Minnesota blogger.

I thought I’d try and work out the kinks by doing something silly to kick things off (and, as you’ll see, there are kinks to work out!):┬áinterviewing myself. Without further ado, then, I interview myself:

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