Voice Search Engine Optimization: Punch Pizza Example

A month ago I wrote about the importance of understanding where your local business data was online, it’s integrity, and how it was being used.

Imagine my delight, then, when my Google Alert pointed me to an example illustrating just why that data is important…using Tunheim Partners‘ own client as that example. Sweet!

In a recent post at the Google Mobile blog, Ole CaveLie, a software engineer on the Google Mobile team, used Punch Pizza to illustrate Google Maps 4.0 for BlackBerry’s new voice search capabilities. It’s a great post for understanding the incredible capabilities of smart phones that can help your customers easily find you while on the go.

But in order to find you, they’ll need more than the technology in their handset, they’ll need online content that is optimized for them to find it on their phone.

There is a subset of Search Engine Optimization that is becoming increasingly important for anyone who needs to get people to their door and that’s local search optimization. That includes optimizing online content for geographic qualifier keywords (e.g. Northeast Minneapolis Pizza), geotagging content, and optimizing local business listings at places like Google Local.

While I was delighted to see our client used as an example, it did not surprise me because we deliberately optimized that content to be found via search, and with a particular awareness of the mobile experience.

I’m using the Royal We, of course. Punch’s local search findability is the direct result of the smart local search optimization efforts of Tunheim’s own Natalie Wires.

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