Generation V: How They Read & Research Online

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I’m going to start calling the generation that follows the Millennials, Generation V, as coined by Gartner. I need a handy reference to people born between 2003 and 2023 because I’ve been thinking more and more about what they will look like and Generation V(irtual) sounds about as reasonable a name as I’ve heard.

Unlike any generation before them–even the Millennials–the Internet will saturate Gen V’s existence. It will be part and parcel of their everyday lives. With Netflix-connected video game consoles like the Xbox and PlayStation 3 slowly becoming the center of the home entertainment system, their early experiences with information manipulation may create expectations that that user experience should be extended elsewhere, such as Web sites. Will future Web developers need video game programming expertise?

How will their use of technology effect their perception? This study (via Dancing Uphill) from the University College of London of the online reading and research habits of the “Google Generation” gives us partial insight into just that:

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