The One Big Thing: Mobile Social

The One Big Thing I think you need to know this week is that social networks are getting much closer to going mobile.

foursquare seems to be taking off and now Google has released an iPhone app for Latitude, pointing to the inevitability of a real-time, location-based social graph.

Google hasn’t excelled to this point in the social network space but enabling iPhone users to tap into Latitude is a step in the right direction, considering the center of gravity that is iTunes.

I’ve had Android apps for Facebook and Twitter for a while but I haven’t really used Latitude because not many people I know are using it, largely because no one I know uses the G1. But now, hopefully, I’ll be able to use Latitude with my Apple friends. It will, no doubt, make it a lot funner.

I’ve begun using my foursquare account recently and I gotta say, it just feels like the future.

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