My List Of The Top Minnesota Social Media Innovators

Arik Hanson has a great idea (again); he’s taking nominations (only 5) for the top 20 social media innovators in Minnesota.


  1. You can only nominate five people (but everyone’s breaking that rule)
  2. The person must live in Minnesota
  3. He’s taking nominations for one week, after which he’ll tally and post the top 20

This is very tough because we have a ton of social media talent in Minnesota. Since Arik included the word Innovators in his request, I’m assuming innovation is the point (as opposed to simply using social media well), so that is what I will focus on.

These are in no particular order, because ranking the bestest of the 30th bestest will simply be too hard. UPDATED: 7/23/09.

I am, of course, extremely proud of our talented team at Tunheim.  They include Blois Olson, Maria Surma Manka, Darin Broton, Sandi Scott, Kristin Gast, Bill Brozak, Bryan Brignac, Natalie Wires, Madeline Koch, and Jeana Bloome.

There are a ton of other people in this state who are doing stellar work, so I reserve the right to add to my list. 🙂 Who’s on your list? Tell Arik!

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