The One Big Thing: Facebook Feed Search

I know I already wrote about it this week, but The One Big Thing you really do need to know about this week is Facebook’s forthcoming feature, real-time activity feed search.

The feature will allow users to search in real time the activity feeds of the people in their network as well as anyone person or page that has set their feed to be publicly available.

Inside Facebook points out:

  1. Updates from your friends come before updates from everyone.
  2. All updates contain rich content in-line, from videos to music to thumbnails of shared links.

Visit Inside Facebook’s post to see some screenshots of what this will look like.

As I said in my previous post, this will be a vast improvement over Facebook’s current search and will give us at least some capability for monitoring buzz.

Right now, the only tool we have to do that is Facebook Lexicon, which is pretty useless except as a crude sentiment measurement tool. With Lexicon you can only see the volume of chatter for a given keyword.

With the new activity feed search, we’ll be able to discover conversations and find where they are taking place.

And that leads to engagement. And that is what we strategic online communicators call A Very Good Thing.

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