The One Big Thing: An End To Input Devices

The One Big Thing you need to know about this week is Microsoft’s 3D video camera for the Xbox 360.

We are on the verge of realizing the vision of ubiquitous computing, the idea that computers are tools that we use, not devices that we focus our attention on.

Eye glasses are tools that enhance, improve and extend your sight but when you’re wearing them, you look through them, not at them. They are essentially invisible.

In order for us to use computers in the same fashion, we need to finally ditch the input device so that we can interact naturally with computers.

The trend, clearly, is toward eliminating these barriers.

Touch screen technology–from Microsoft Surface to the iPhone–is being rapidly adopted as a standard interface now. Voice recognition technology finally appears to work. I can tell my phone to call a buddy and using Google Voice Search, I can even find stuff online.

Look, ma! No hands!

Microsoft unveiled a 3D video camera for the Xbox 360 this week at E3. The camera obviates the need for a controller. If it works as well as this videos says it does, we can expect all computers to adopt the technology, not just video game consoles:

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