Blog Marketing With A Facebook Fan Page

for, my video blog, I decided to write a series of blog marketing articles about how I went about rebuilding traffic to

The first post in the series detailed how I configured my blog for the new domain and then to help them index the new domain.

While waiting for the search engines to index and start listing the domain, I thought .

Facebook pages are fairly easy to create, just follow the instructions. I optimized this one, though, for “daily video” or “daily video blog” or “video blog” searches within Facebook by including those keywords in the title of the page. I also included those keywords in the text box on the profile page, just below the icon in the upper left corner.

In the Info section, I added links to my other online locations like YouTube and Twitter and Gawkk.

I was sure to upload the logo to ensure the page was properly branded. Read my .

Having completed the page, I published it live. Facebook takes about a month to index new pages before they will show up within its internal search engine. Therefore, I could not rely on search for any traffic during that period.

Before launching the page, I posted several links to recent videos from the blog so the page looked active.

Then I invited a handful of friends to become a fan of the page through Facebook’s Suggest to Friends feature. This is the low-hanging fruit; these people are most likely to become fans of the page because they are my friends and they are willing to help me out and/or they already like my video blog, so they’re happy to be a fan.

Fifteen of my friends became fans. Today, I sent an update from the Facebook page to all 15 of the fans asking them to help promote the site by suggesting the page to their friends and/or posting the page on their profile.

By asking them to share the fan page with their networks, I’m effectively promoting the blog to people I may not know through a trusted source that the person with whom the page is shared does know. That trust makes it more likely that those people will become fans.

I will let that sit for a while to see what result might come of it.

In the next post, I’ll discuss building traffic by strategically targeting social bookmarking sites.

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