Manga Career Guide For Millennials

I just discovered this among my blog Drafts. I’ve been meaning to share this for some time but it obviously got overlooked.

Anyway, is a fantastic example of marketing to Millennials: A career guide done as a Manga comic book.

In , author explained his rationale:

The other thing—again going back to the Net Generation—is a discovery I made studying manga in Japan, which is that the essence of manga is that it is fast. It is meant to be read quickly and so my collaborator Rob Ten Pas, the illustrator and I, we architected this book in a way that one can read this book in less than an hour. If this book takes longer than an hour for somebody to read, I feel like I failed. This Net Generation doesn’t have a lot of time; they want stuff quickly; they want stuff with some amount of velocity and propulsion and I think manga is really an ideal form for that.

The manga style is one that many Millennials are familiar with, so Pink is speaking to them in their language; it’s visual, which, again, is a medium Millennials prefer over text; and it’s a fast read, which is in keeping with how Millennials consume most of the rest of their information.

And, of course, you wouldn’t be doing your job if you didn’t have a video marketing component for this video-hungry generation. Here’s the book trailer:

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