Consumer Behavior: Restaurant Customers Photograph Their Meals

(a s client) posted a video yesterday to of a Jason Davis On The Road segment about them.

It’s a very good piece. About 34 seconds in, the video features a couple of customers who order a cup of ice cream and sit down to eat and one of them photographs is ice cream:

In the age of digital photography and zero film costs, this type of consumer behavior is common and it is usually accompanied by uploading their photos and sharing them on Flickr and Facebook.

A picture is worth a thousand words, of course, and when you consider the network effect of friends’ lists, it’s is probably worth closer to a small library.

Most of this customer-generated photography, however, goes unnoticed by the brands that are the subjects of the photos.

If your customers are telling your story, you need a strategy in place to help them do just that.

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