Every Movie Ever Made In Any Language, All The Time

This 1999 commercial for Qwest was prescient:

A decade later, we’re not quite there yet but we’re getting close. predicting that Web-to-TV streaming revenue will hit $2.9 billion by 2013. More than 40% of the 18-35 age group watches online video from their TV at least once a month. Nearly 30% of 25-34 year olds watch online streaming video from video game consoles like the Xbox.

Since introducing Netflix as an option with the Xbox Live online service, , myself included. The fact that I didn’t have to wait for a DVD to arrive in the mail propelled me to subscribe to the service and I have not been disappointed with it.

I’ve been preaching this convergence between on-demand online content and the home entertainment center for some time. The trends have been pointing that way but now the technology adoption is beginning to catch up.

The last step is mobile integration. We’re somewhat there with live streaming TV with some carriers and YouTube baked into the Google/T-Mobile G1 phone.

I even have a Netflix app for my G1 that lets me organize my movies que but what I really want is to be able to stream Netflix to my phone. If I can do it on my computer, why not on the microscreen?

UPDATE 5/18/09: Now.

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