Someone at work asked me recently if they needed to be on .

While I find FriendFeed fascinating and I understand it’s allure, at this point its practicality as a communications medium is limited.  Limited to and his friends and admirers. I figured that once the audience diversifies beyond the usual suspects of social media/technology geeks, I’d start paying closer attention.

That was until I came across on, of course, . I have spent little time following my feeds in of late because I haven’t had enough time. Feedly is a Firefox add-on that makes it much easier to digest the zillion feeds to which I subscribe:

As you can see, Feedly displays your Google Reader feeds in an extremely useful fashion, highlighting the items that have gained some measure of popularity or attention, helping the more interesting content to rise to the top.

features a video interview with Feedly’s founder who, in the first part of the video, provides a superb explanation of how conversations occur on social media sites. In the second half, he describes how Feedly discovers those conversations and makes it easy to join them.

Feedly has just become my default tool for following my feeds.

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