Green Commerce – Amazon Green Urges Environmentalism

I got the following email from Amazon yesterday announcing to their Associates (their affiliate marketing program, of which I am one) their program:

Amazon Green - Associates Email Screenshot - 08/13/08

Amazon Green is a consolidation and promotion of all the green products they have for sale. Front and center of the Amazon Green section of the ecommerce site, they ask you to pick the top three products you wish everyone had:

Amazon Green Screenshot - 08/13/08

According to the site, this feature is called Green 3 and:

"…is a challenge to Amazon’s customer community to help others go green by creating the most authoritative list of eco-friendly products available for purchase on the Web. We’re asking each of our most passionate, eco-conscious customers to choose from Amazon’s vast selection and build a list of the three green products you think everyone should be using. These lists will be aggregated and ranked by popular vote to create the definitive catalog of green products on the Internet – and a valuable resource for all customers wanting to learn more about what they can do to protect the environment."

This is very smart marketing on Amazon’s part: They’re harnessing their customers’ passion to promote eco-friendly products that at the end of the day 1) helps the environment and 2) sells more stuff on Everyone’s happy.

The section also includes a rather good that will help to keep their passionate customers engaged with Amazon Green over time.

This is just a further indication of the greening of American business.

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