Google Takes On WordTracker & Keyword Discovery

Internet Market Considers MIcrosoft Bid for Yahoo

yesterday, a free keyword research tool that rivals for-fee keyword services and .

Regular readers know , so it should come as no surprise that I find Google Insights exceedingly cool.

I’ve only given Insights a short spin around the block but I love what I see so far. You can compare search terms and get data on them back to 2004. You can find related terms and break searches down by categories and/or regions.

As with , you can map searches to media coverage. Best of all, you can export your research to a .csv file for use in a spreadsheet.

You can find out what Minnesotans have been :

  1. golf
  2. twins
  3. mlb
  4. minnesota twins
  5. olympics
  6. nfl
  7. mn twins
  8. favre
  9. tennis
  10. brett favre

Couple Insights with Google’s recently launched and you can see that Google is beginning to democratize Internet marketing.

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