The Barack Obama Campaign & Microtargeting

Chancellor Merkel Meets With Barack Obama

In January, and touched on the micromarketing concept laid out in one of my favorite recent books, .

Technology enables us to do so much more and so much more complex things that it’s easy to get all starry-eyed over the wow factor while missing technology’s failings or failing ourselves to understand exactly how technology works or doesn’t work.

You often see this dynamic in mainstream media reports about technology. Reporters are by necessity generalists so it’s not surprising that some fail to grasp all the implications and subtleties of the use of technology in the real world.

Such is the case with and Web technologies in their microtargeting efforts.

Thankfully, though, conservative Internet marketing guru and sheds a lot more light on how the Obama campaign may or may not be using these technologies. It’s a bit of a lengthy analysis but it is well worth the read.

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