Minnesota Council Of Nonprofits Technology & Communications Conference

I’ve been presenting at the ‘ annual technology and communications conference for the past and I will again this year. This year the conference takes place in Minneapolis on Thursday.

It is an all day event and a big production; I’ve always been impressed with the scope and quality of the conferences. This year, the conference is called and it is largely devoted to social media. There is clearly a demand for information on the topic because the Council had a record number of registrants this year and the event sold out.

The conferences are so good because the Council consistently gets such talented people to participate. Perusing the list of presenters this year, I’m struck by the quality of the people who will speak. Within the social media and Internet technology sphere, here are some of the people who will share their knowledge and expertise:

Aaron Landry will be talking about Web 2.0 basics. Aaron is a prolific blogger. If you pay any attention to the Minnesota blogosphere, you can’t help but run across his content. It’s clear, too, that he’s immersed in social media, from to Twitter to , he’s integrated online communication into his daily life.

will talk about Nonprofits in the Age of Social Media and she’ll conduct a social media game. I’ve been following about social media and nonprofits for some time now and I’m continually impressed with her ideas there. She’s also a great resource for discovering new and useful social media sites.

The citizen journalism site is represented by long-time Strib veteran Jeremy Iggers and editor Mary Turk. They’ll talk about Media Relations in the Age of New Media.

‘s wonderfully titled session, Why I Hate Facebook, will address how nonprofits can use social networking sites and, of course, why he hates Facebook. Peter blogs at his . Peter will also talk about perhaps the most important technology of all for social media, RSS, the glue that holds the social net all together.

There are ton more talented people presenting: Check out the and pages.

This year I’ll be presenting with my colleague, . Our session is called Conversational Marketing: New Media Communication Strategy. Pat and I will discuss how to engage in the conversations taking place on the popular social media sites.

If you’re attending the conference, track me down and say hi. If you can’t make it, I’ll probably Tweet from there, so you can follow my Twitter account, if you like. I’ll also be putting resources from our session online and I’ll let you know when it’s live.

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