Google For Windows Mobile

a search application for devices that puts the Google search box on the first screen, eliminating the need to fire up a browser and hunt for your bookmarks or type into the address bar.

Google, of course, touts this as a major time saver, and it is. Google observes a 20% increase in the number of searches performed after people have installed their mobile device. But it also conveniently grabs some of the most important mobile device screen real estate to keep the search company front and center for the coming mobile revolution.

I just installed the app on my and I gotta say, I like it a lot. I already search a lot on my phone but I’m sure I’ll be Googling much more now that two steps have been eliminated.

I’ve been saying for some time that people can demand content on their
own terms and while that mostly means time-shifting content, it will
increasingly also mean place-shifting content as wireless broadband
becomes ubiquitous.

With all the trends pointing to a mobile future, it’s time to start seriously thinking about ensuring that your content is mobile-friendly.

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