Citizen Journalist On The Scene At Bar Fire

When most people think about citizen journalism, the overcompressed, jerky cell phone video images come to mind. While it’s certainly true that those type of images often represent citizen journalism, as we’ve seen with the , that is not always the case.

This is another remarkable example of not just citizen journalism, but the quality citizen journalism can reach. A popular Minneapolis bar I’ve hung out at on more than one occasion called Maxwell’s .

Twin Cities blogger Ed Kohler at the scene, cameras in hand, shot still photos, some video, and , , as well as . Here’s the video he shot at the scene:

While the quality of these images are of traditional journalistic standards, what strikes me the most
about citizen journalism is the You Are There quality it tends to convey and which seems to be missing from
mainstream media coverage. Perhaps that’s because of the packaging that comes along with MSM reporting.

It feels sorta like (RAM).

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