TypePad's Updated Handheld Publishing Application

Photo of David Erickson's office

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything from my handheld using because the last time I tried, everything was messed up, so I just didn’t bother.

But I just downloaded and installed the latest version, so it’s time to try it out again.

I’m posting from my , otherwise known as the –really, why couldn’t someone come up with a decent name for this thing?!?

The phone is running and I’ve got that slide-out thumbboard, so it’s pretty easy to type.

The TypePad app gives you just enough functionality to do a quick and dirty post without any frills.

You cannot, for example, assign multiple categories to your post. There is no rich text editor, so there is no quick formatting but I suppose you could wrap such HTML tags as bold and italic around yor text I can’t because my keyboard has no angle bracket characters

There is also no option for applying a meta description or keywords or tags to a post.

One really nice feature, though, is the ability to browse the photos on your phone and include one in your post. This is an exciting photo of my desk at work.

That makes it a perfect app for mobile photo blogging.

Even so, though, I like to keep my photos in my , so it’d be nice to have some integration there.

If this post works, I just may start moblogging more!

UPDATED 11/17/07: Because I’m particular about these kinds of things, I prettyfied this post with the links and keywords TypePad Mobile doesn’t allow me to include.

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