Are You Ready For Internet-Ready TV?

Is RSS TV Coming To A Home Theater Near You?

Joining , , and the are an increasing number of products designed to get Internet content to your television. came out this year:

And HP has their . The problem with both Sony and HP’s approach is that they appear to be taking a "walled garden" approach by using only select content partners or maybe simply burying direct Internet subscription options.

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On the PSP, for example, you can subscribe directly to feeds and uses the same Cross Bar interface, but I couldn’t determine if the RSS reader is available on their TV. Nevertheless, it’s clear that Sony sees the technology as an additional channel for Sony content. That, of course, is only natural but I think consumer’s are going to demand the choice to subscribe to their own content channels.

All of this, though, points to what I’ve been talking about for some time: The Internet will come to television, one way or another.  And it will come through the magic of RSS. There is even a specialized RSS language being developed for Internet TV, .

Ideally, this would allow you to subscribe to any RSS feed you like, so for example, I could subscribe to a video blog like on my TV or to any search.

One intriguing device that may point to the future of Internet television is the . is a $200 open source wifi gadget that basically lets you subscribe any Internet content you like. Content providers can create widgets to which Chumby users can subscribe. The Chumby is small, appliance-like device that could easily be at home in the kitchen or living room alongside the coffee machine or on the coffee table.

Chumby Demonstrations

Chumby’s Stephen Tomlin talks about the device:

Chumby introduction video:

Chumby playing YouTube videos:

So you can see where this is going. As the might say, ; if you provide compelling content, you should be fine. It’s a matter of finding out what your target audiences want and giving it to them.   

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