Android, The iPhone Killer

Google’s Open Source Cell Phone Platform Trumps iPhone

Google’s making quite a bit of noise.

First, the and , the . While not exactly a , .

includes all the software needed to run a smart phone and because it’s open source and free, it is poised to seriously undercut both the and . Since the software will be free, it will help to drop the price of cell phones and because the platform is open source, it promises to have far greater utility because developers world wide will be able to create applications for the device that will serve any need they imagine.

Lower prices and infinite features? Is it any choice?

Compare that to ‘s and ‘s proprietary mobile operating systems and it makes little sense to to use them. (.)

While this announcement has no immediate impact, it will eventually help spur the adoption of broadband, mobile computing. By tapping into the world wide open source development community, the platform will no doubt enjoy remarkable applications and innovations.

Mobile marketing just got a whole lot more interesting.

Android Videos

These are two Google-created videos about Android:

If I Had A Magic Phone

Introducing Android

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